Who are we?

We take pride in our ability to leverage a diverse range of technologies to create robust and scalable solutions. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in Healthcare, Insurance, and Custom Web Solution technology enabling us to deliver forward-thinking solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve.

MegaMinds provides large and small businesses with the expertise to elevate their online presence and exposure. We work with the best businesses to ensure everything is done at a high standard. Our time-tested process ensures a good experience every time.

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Connect the dots and make it big.

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To create an infinity loop by Delivering Clients the exact service through superior customer service and technological innovations.

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Delivering beyond expectation where your imagination meets our creativity.

Core Values

  • Discipline


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Creative Foodies

We believe in the power of healthy eating. Our passion for food and innovation brings in a range of dishes that are prepared with care and attention to every individual ingredient. When you're well-rested and well-fed, your cognitive performance is enhanced, which results in a more effective and successful working environment.

Professional Development

Professional Development

People must work well together in a Professional Environment. The leaders in this guild believe that all members should be able to succeed and achieve their full potential. Their recognition of each person's abilities and dedication to excellence, together with their drive for mutual success, has created a group where we can all strive for excellence. Each member recognizes that we can achieve great things because we work together as a team. These outstanding professionals understand the importance of building strong relationships within the team to create an environment where each member learns from their peers and is held accountable. We're proud to have an experienced team passionate about providing excellent service.

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Two Experts With Different.

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  • CEO

    Nikunj Balar


  • CTO

    Akash Kathiriya


  • CMO

    Dharmesh Rupareliya


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