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Angular Development

Our Angular Development Company has a solid reputation. We have a track record of delivering enterprise-level software and have offered our services globally. Angular’s out-of-the-box functionality and extensive feature set, which aid in a quick time to market, are among the primary reasons to utilize it. 

Additionally, Angular has ready-made modules that help with project growth, making it an excellent choice for enterprise applications.

Our crew of seasoned and dedicated Angular developers is exceptional, and they have great solutions for Angular endeavors. By the demands of their respective markets, our highly qualified engineers have successfully delivered several effective Angular development services to numerous clients worldwide.

What are you waiting for, then? Improve your web presence goals using our Angular development expertise, and watch as your business objectives are translated into technical solutions.

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Our Angular Development Services

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    Custom App Development

    We offer secure, scalable, feature-rich, and mobile-friendly Angular web application development thanks to our skilled Angular JS engineers.

  • Integration

    API Development And Integration

    We provide the development of enterprise-focused, high-performance Angular base APIs to connect to the backend more quickly and increase responsiveness.

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    Angular UI/UX Development

    With innovative UI/UX development strategies, our team of skilled Angular designers produces eye-catching web and mobile applications.

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    Application Modernization

    We modernize legacy web and window applications by upgrading or transferring legacy web and window applications utilizing Angular development services for an enhanced UI/UX and consistent user experience.

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    Maintenance And Support

    Our staff facilitates continuing maintenance, updates, additions, and technical advancements that boost corporate processes for greater effectiveness.

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    Dedicated Angular Developer Team

    Our highly skilled internal Angular staff can help your company's Angular development capabilities.

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  • Why is Angular preferable to JavaScript?

    The right technology must be chosen based on the project's complexity and the functionality required. Google developed the Angular JavaScript framework. It was designed to organize and streamline JavaScript code, making development more accessible and popular. Additionally, developing and launching an app with Angular takes less time than JavaScript.

  • Is Angular appropriate for developing backend systems?

    Single-page web apps are typically made using the JavaScript-based front-end framework Angular. Despite being able to connect to the backend, Angular lacks any backend language-specific features.

  • How will you ensure that our Angular project is of high quality?

    To ensure the caliber of our software, we adhere to a set of rules. To enhance our projects' quality and efficiency, we regularly review the code.

  • Will Angular still be important in 2022?

    Most definitely, it will. Angular has developed considerably over the years and will keep its place in 2022. It is a complete toolkit that provides all the tools developers need to make apps of any complexity.

Technology Stack We Use

Framework & Themes

  • AngularJS
  • NGRX
  • Fuse
  • Wordpress
  • CoreUI
  • Cypress
  • Storybook
  • Total.js


  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • DynamoDB
  • GraphQL


  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Zeplin
  • Adobe XD
  • Slack


  • Firebase
  • Docker
  • Dapr
  • Azure
  • AWSLambda
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Hiring Process

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    Full Time Hiring

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    Part Time Hiring

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    Hourly Hiring

Hours / Day(min)
8 Hours
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Hours Basis
Hours / Week(min)
40 Hours
20 Hours
Hours Basis
Hours / Month(min)
160 Hours
80 Hours
Hours Basis
Hiring Period(min)
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
Chat(Skype, Microsoft Team, Slack), E-mail, Video call
Project Reporting
Chat(Skype, Microsoft Team, Slack), E-mail, Video call
90 Days Unconditional Warranty

We deliver highly functional mobile apps drawing on hands-on experience in the following solution domains

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    Social Network

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    Media Streaming


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