We can get an intelligent, quick, and secure charging box for your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle with Nofos.

NOFOS can charge automatically when our electricity is the most economical, environmentally friendly, or minimally taxing on the electrical grid thanks to its built-in intelligence.

NOFOS can control your charging if we have solar cells, allowing us to charge mostly using solar energy that we produce on our own.

The sophisticated intelligent software that powers the NOFOS charging box is always being enhanced with new features.

We can link the charging box to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and we can use the accompanying app on our iPhone or Android device to operate the wall charger from a distance.

While screen loads, a message will be sent to MQTT in order to retrieve the most recent state of the device that the user has chosen.

Except in the charging state, the screen will remain stable in every condition.

The state sends a message to obtain live data every second if it is charging, and they receive a response if the value changes every second.

Connect the application to a wifi or hotspot network to enter charger mode.

On their device, users should have easy access to their vehicle charging data.

Users can check how much of the amp limit has been set to a particular charger, or if it hasn't been set, they can choose from options ranging from 6 to 32 to set the maximum amperage.

If the device's amp limit is greater than zero, users are unable to set the maximum amperage.

On the clear 8x8 pixel display, you can always follow what your charging box is doing.

If you need even more control, you can freely connect to the Nofos web interface, MQTT server, or HTTP JSON interface.



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