Redefining Insurance Claim Fraud Detection Through Innovative Technology

This innovation is to lower the risk of fraud by giving users access to an open risk assessment based on their filed insurance claims. 

The main goal of the project was to create an application that would assess user risk ratings through the examination of their insurance claims. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the project sought to transform insurance fraud prevention.

Our organization is dedicated to putting strict planning procedures, open lines of communication, and a proactive approach to technology integration and research into practice going forward.

Our goal is to increase client satisfaction and project execution efficiency by converting lessons into strategies.

By providing a risk score based on claim history, it revolutionized fraud detection and gave insurance companies an effective tool for risk assessment. The project showed how to smoothly combine various technologies to improve productivity and user experience.

The team’s ability to integrate QuickBooks expertly demonstrated their adaptability and unwavering commitment to overcome initial challenges. In order to minimize rework and guarantee alignment, a comprehensive planning phase is essential, complete with documented requirements and client validation.

6 Engineers
3 years 6 months (on going)
$259,999 to $499,999
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The goal was to create an application that would examine user insurance claims to determine risk scores.

To lower the risk of fraud by giving users access to an easily understandable risk score based on their filed insurance claims.

One of the most important parts of the project was the integration of QuickBooks, which made it possible to manage taxes and generate invoices more quickly.

Our team faced a learning curve because of the novelty of the QuickBooks integration, despite its importance.

To master functionalities like invoice creation, deletion, and tax implementation, countless hours were dedicated to research and development.

Our team used the resources available to us to tackle the complex problem.

QuickBooks connection made it easier to create and handle invoices.

While Google and Microsoft libraries enabled safe user registration, Twilio and SendGrid integration improved user communication.

To increase security, an authenticator app for 2FA verification was added.

.Net Core 3.1

Angular 14

Google cloud platform






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Client's Review

Nikunj and MegaMinds team are fantastic technology partners. I can rely on them to get the job time on time and on budget. I have learned that the team puts the best foot forward and demonstrates diligence in execution.

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