Slicki – Using Real Time Collaboration to Revolutionize Company Information Organization

An inventive web application called Slicki appeared as a way to simplify the arrangement and availability of corporate data. Slicki brings a new level of efficiency by allowing teams to create, access, and manage wikis with the added benefit of real-time collaboration. Its highly accessible design makes it accessible from any location. This project was primarily focused on Asp.Net, but it also utilized MS SQL and Asp.Net MVC technologies. Its visual design was inspired by the well-known Slack interface.

Balancing Slack's Functionality with Wiki Structure

Access Permissions Management

Integration of Slack and Firebase APIs

We designed a feature that allowed users to seamlessly switch between teams once they logged in to any one team.

This solution significantly enhanced user mobility and accessibility.

The design focused on providing a user-centric experience. By simplifying the process of switching between teams, it made the platform more user-friendly and accommodating to users who are part of multiple teams.

The end result was a reduction in user friction. Users no longer had to juggle multiple logins or go through complex processes to access different teams, ultimately improving their experience.

To address the multifaceted challenge, the team leveraged a comprehensive technology stack.

Integration with QuickBooks was a pivotal component, enabling the effortless generation and management of invoices.

The incorporation of an authenticator app for two-factor authentication (2FA) elevated the security of the system.

Google and Microsoft libraries were used to facilitate secure user sign-ups, ensuring data protection.

The solution took a multi-faceted approach, addressing various aspects of the challenge. This comprehensive strategy not only improved functionality but also user experience and data security.

.Net MVC








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Fantastic engineering team! Always a joy to work together. I love the structured approach and quality of delivery.

Thomas Nielsen
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