Microsoft Build 2023: Every important AI and Bing Chat information

Jul 05, 2023
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Microsoft Build 2023: Every important AI and Bing Chat information

Keep up with the key developments involving ChatGPT, Bing, and many more coming out of Seattle by tuning in to Microsoft Build, which is primarily recognized as an annual developer conference. This is especially true this year, as the Microsoft Build 2023 event will reveal new technologies driven by generative AI that has the potential to change the way you interact with the internet. 

Microsoft’s annual May event for its developer, software engineer, IT professional, and business customer communities to once again reveal the company’s newest products and updates.

Where and when is Microsoft’s 2023 Build event taking place?

After being held online for the past four years, the event was once again held at the Seattle Convention Center, where attendees could interact with one another in person. Given the event’s recent success and the simplicity with which it could be obtained, it was also webcast online for free to anybody who registered. The dates were settled as May 23, 24, and 25.

Copilot for Windows

Windows Copilot, Microsoft’s new digital assistant, has arrived in Windows 11 instead of Cortana. It’s a new brand for a customizable search bar, with a chatbot interface for in-app interactions and automatic integration with the existing Bing Chat for web-based information.

Copilot can help you find and modify files, applications, and settings on your computer, and it can also execute tasks associated with generative AI: If you’re in the mood for some music, open Spotify and choose a playlist from Copilot. 

You may also send in a report and ask for a summary or to have specific changes made to it. In June, Windows 11 users will be able to participate in an evaluation of Windows Copilot.

ChatGPT’s Bing integration

A major highlight of the event’s launch program. A few days ago, they began using AI to revolutionize the most significant industry in the world search.

They are taking the next steps by enhancing search functionality and providing a more robust framework for developers to create applications using their AI. Three new features have been introduced to achieve this goal:

  • ChatGPT now has built-in support for Bing searches.
  • OpenAI and the new partners share a common plugin platform.
  • Microsoft Copilot now has deeper interaction with Bing Chat.
  • With the new integrated search engine, users of ChatGPT will have access to more up-to-date information faster than ever before. Quotes can now be included for more explanation in responses based on search and online data.

Azure AI

AI on Azure Microsoft plans to further develop its Azure offering by making it more user-friendly and optimizing its cloud computing capabilities. Microsoft Azure offers many services, as below.  

  • Throughput provisioning setting.
  • AI Studio on Azure.
  • Plugins for external data.

Developer Community

Instructional programs for programmers Because Artificial Intelligence will be the primary focal area at Microsoft Build 2023, the business has developed a variety of AI-related courses and training. 

With this fresh information at their service, IT experts may expand their knowledge of and proficiency with cutting-edge AI developments like,

  • The Azure OpenAI Service may be used to produce website pictures, summarize content, and receive code suggestions.
  • Create custom AI models within Power Apps to add intelligence to your apps and uncover insights.
  • Create flexible AI-powered chatbots with the help of Power Virtual Agents.
  • GitHub Copilot provides code recommendations to help developers improve their work.
  • Various training formats, from classroom lectures to online courses to cloud-based games and shows to live and recorded seminars and even community-driven education projects, now feature this fresh material.

Dev Home

Microsoft has introduced Dev Home, an app that serves as a hub for development activity. 

Dashboards and widgets for monitoring GitHub repositories, GitHub problems, GitHub pull requests, and active developer computers (Dev Boxes) will be available. 

As a result of the app’s modular design, third-party developers can integrate their widgets into it. 

In a perfect world, this will provide you with an up-close view of all your software development activity by allowing you to add things from services and Amazon Web Services.

Fabric from Microsoft

As a data analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric is a valuable tool. The software giant has possibly made the most important news about data products since SQL servers. 

Soon, it can access information stored in Microsoft’s OneLake data and Amazon S3, and Google Cloud. Microsoft has added an AI-powered “Copilot” to its Fabric platform.

GitHub Azure DevOps Security

This service will streamline securing your code, secrets, and supply chain by integrating automatic security checks directly into Azure DevOps.

  • Scanning for weaknesses in code and offering suggestions on how to fix them.
  • Scan for open-source dependencies and their vulnerabilities, including automated update notifications.
  • Secrets scanning prevents code repository secrets.

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Wrapping It Up

The GAI competition kicked off with a search, but that was only the start of it. The potential of AI to revolutionize numerous industries and processes has become increasingly evident. 

Microsoft’s recent launch announcements reflect an effort to hone down on specific use cases and improve the user experience for programmers and end users. Microsoft did a great job demonstrating how these rapidly developing technologies might open up previously unthinkable possibilities. This year’s Microsoft Build was one of the most exciting due to the variety of developer needs that were met by Microsoft’s services, devices, and apps.


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