How does OutSystems handle security incidents?

Mar 17, 2024
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How does OutSystems handle security incidents?

In the digital age, where technology and software development are at the heart of business operations, security incidents pose a significant threat to organizations worldwide. As businesses increasingly rely on rapid application development platforms to drive innovation and efficiency, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. Among these platforms, OutSystems has emerged as a leader, not only for its ability to streamline development processes but also for its comprehensive approach to security. This blog explores how OutSystems handles security incidents and why it’s a trusted platform for developing secure applications.

Organizational-level security

At the organizational level, OutSystems prioritizes security, demonstrating a comprehensive and holistic approach that creates a secure foundation throughout the company.

OutSystems’ Information Security Office is in charge of all internal cyber security and incident response activities at OutSystems Support Services, which holds an ISO 27001 certification. They make sure that:

  • OutSystems employees, policies, processes, procedures and technology proactively protect, protect and defend against cyber threats and prevent cyber security incidents from occurring.
  • OutSystems employees, policies, processes, procedures and technology monitor ongoing operations and actively seek out and detect adversaries and report suspicious and unauthorized events as quickly as possible;
  • Incident response is coordinated to minimize impact, and OutSystems personnel, policies, processes, procedures and technologies are rapidly deployed to return assets to normal operations as soon as possible.
  • OutSystems’ team, policies, processes, procedures and technology provide continuous oversight, management, performance measurement and course correction for all cybersecurity activities.
  • Adequate response to security threats is continuous through compliance management and risk management.

Application Security

Given how important it is to design secure apps, OutSystems upgrades its platforms proactively to incorporate the most recent security updates and features for all of its clients’ applications. A wide range of available pre-built components simplify security-related tasks such as data encryption and identity management integration. In addition, an extensive list of security measures allows them to implement protection against the main security threats identified by OWASP, such as:

  • Role-based access control that allows the right team members to make changes and deploy applications.
  • Generated code that protects against common threats such as SQL and JavaScript injection.
  • Continuous security verification of OutSystems generated code using advanced vulnerability scanning during regression testing.
  • The OutSystems visual IDE, or IDE, warns developers about potentially dangerous application patterns by identifying threats such data isolation violations, code injection, cross-site scripting, and unauthenticated redirects.

Infrastructure Security

We can rely on cutting-edge security when developing and executing apps with OutSystems Cloud, which includes:

Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure for all customers, secure access to on-premises systems with VPN and easy upload of custom SSL/TLS certificates.

Update operating systems and application servers proactively with patches and updates, alerting clients to security-related problems as well.

Support for vulnerability screening and penetration testing for client apps.

Security Operations

OutSystems provides a dedicated Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to manage security threats 24/7 and proactively monitor reputable industry resources for newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

Information Security

A systematic information security program has been put in place by OutSystems to safeguard the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of client systems and data. OutSystems recognizes security threats and puts in place measures to mitigate or remove them, giving stakeholders and clients peace of mind that their private information is safe and easily accessible.

OutSystems maintains a robust set of operating procedures including:

  • Formal recruitment procedures for employees and suppliers including background checks.
  • Security requirements integrated into the entire lifecycle of our software, from planning to deployment.
  • Access management, patch management, change management, event management and incident resolution.
  • A comprehensive business continuity strategy to protect an organization’s core functions in the event of a disaster.

Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

FIRST is a leading organization recognized worldwide as a leader in incident response. Because computer security incidents do not respect geographic, time zone, or administrative boundaries on the global Internet, OutSystems CSIRT is a member of the trusted FIRST group of global organizations. By providing access to best practices, tools, and timely communication with other trusted team members, we can facilitate more effective responses to security incidents.

Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

OutSystems and you share control of the cloud environment under the OutSystems cloud paradigm. With this method, you don’t have to worry about operational burdens because OutSystems handles all component management and operation, from the platform to the infrastructure. One of your duties will be to make sure the apps and integrations you create with OutSystems are secure.

In the digital transformation journey, MegaMinds is not just providers of technology solutions; we are partners in our clients’ success, dedicated to creating a secure, seamless, and prosperous digital future. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape together, our clients can rest assured that their projects and data are in the safest hands, protected by the combined expertise and vigilance of our company and OutSystems.


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