How Can DevOps and Agile Work Together to Help Your Business Grow?

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Nov 30, 2023
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How Can DevOps and Agile Work Together to Help Your Business Grow?


Companies are in a desperate need of the best customer value and quick deliveries. So how are they going to pull off this incredible feat? My friends, combining Agile and DevOps approaches is the solution. Combining these two strategies can have a huge positive impact on the expansion of your company. 

Understanding DevOps and Agile

Two terms that have become very popular in the software development industry are DevOps and Agile. However, what are Agile and DevOps exactly? 


It’s the glue that binds the development and operational systems together. You can have the best of both worlds with DevOps: the ability to take a tough-agile approach while still managing and running efficiently. It all comes down to filling the gaps and streamlining procedures to produce top-notch goods quickly. DevOps is like Superman and Wonder Woman coming together to save the day!


Agile is a way of life, not just a set of techniques. It all comes down to teamwork, flexibility, and consistently providing value to the end users. Agile development emphasizes removing obstacles, encouraging collaboration, and reacting quickly to requirements changes. Consider Agile as a superhero team where each member uses their special ability to save the software development industry.

What Can Be Done by Integrate Agile and DevOps?

Better business performance will result from the integration of Agile and DevOps. The revenue growth experienced by organizations adopting Agile DevOps practices is estimated to be around 60%. Compared to their counterparts, who are expanding at a rate of more than 20%, it is nearly 2.4 times greater. Here are some of the main advantages of combining two methods:

  • Product offerings are enhanced and process releases are made simpler.
  • Enables optimal cooperation through the deployment of a continuous integration/delivery pipeline
  • Every release offers greater value and fewer risks.
  • fewer errors and quicker fixes
  • Enhanced visibility
  • increased rates of client satisfaction
  • Higher-quality products

Things to consider about when combining agile and devops services

  • Seamless teamwork:

For team members, Agile methodology and DevOps architecture offer a great understanding of all the aspects related to development. It facilitates clear and simple communication. Every team member involved in the development process needs to consider software delivery, maintenance, and functionality. All of the services, environment provisioning, management, release cycles, application integration, and automation tools will be thoroughly understood by team members. DevOps will undoubtedly be valuable to the business, and agile provides team members with practicality.

  • Interpreting software lifecycle:

When applied at the outset of the development cycle, DevOps principles save time and resources for all members of the team. This demonstrates a very low amount of changes and decreased errors. Together, Agile and DevOps improve the product or service’s speed and consistency on the market. Employ a DevOps engineer to expedite all business tasks and ensure the success of your project.

  • Quality assurance:

It is imperative to integrate DevOps and Agile with quality assurance (QA). Regular testing will eliminate any chance of errors and bugs at every turn. It undoubtedly improves the software’s performance and load testing. Reduced release cycles and a shorter time to market are benefits of continuous development.

  • Service backlog:

In DevOps, service backlogging is crucial when combined with Agile. Moreover, the DevOps structure must incorporate the components listed below:

  • Scalability of software
  • Efficient integration
  • Logging
  • Service monitoring
  • Alert and notification setting
  • Operational performance
  • Compliance and security details
  • Testing/QA capability
  • Automation:

An essential component of combining Agile and DevOps is automation. Errors are decreased, and overall productivity is raised. Automating routine jobs and procedures frees up the team to concentrate on more crucial elements of the software development cycle. You can guarantee efficiency and consistency in the delivery pipeline by using automation. So sit back, unwind, and let the machines handle the work. No more tedious, manual labor. Allow the automation to take over, then watch as the magic happens right in front of your eyes. It’s similar to having a personal assistant that consistently completes tasks without complaint. It’s what who wouldn’t want?

  • Documentation:

DevOps team members document the entire process up until the software is released, even though Agile teams do not keep minutes of meetings or correspondence. For future reference, it is advised to have a draft of every meeting.

  • Measurement and analysis

After DevOps and Agile are implemented, it is always necessary to monitor a variety of metrics in order to be aware of the workflow’s performance and progress. This undoubtedly helps you to have a variety of productive and successful release cycles. outcomes that are both economical and timely. The Scrum Alliance Organization lists the following parameters as necessary to monitor:

  • Time consumed from production phase till release.
  • Total release date adherences percentage
  • Percentage improvement in release numbers.
  • Support requirements.
  • Defects or errors present in any platform.
  • Percentage of Non-Functional Requirement reached

Organizations can benefit from exponential business growth by combining DevOps and Agile, as evidenced by rising revenue and customer satisfaction. Searching for a leading provider of DevOps consulting services? Leading DevOps consulting firm Nextbrain Technologies uses agile approaches to provide end-to-end DevOps solutions. 


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